Did you BLACK out?

Funny how things come full circle. You know if this blog was like a pesky ex, I would leave it back in 2016 where it belongs. However, I have neglected it long enough and now that I have my ish together, I thought I'd bless the interwebs with a post.

Okay, so the SuperBowl is over [finally] and even though we still haven't found Brady's jersey, it's back to our regularly scheduled program. Wait a second. What day is today? The 8th?


Don't fret, my pet [if someone can tell me where that's from without google-ing, 10 pts. for you]. I've got you covered with some suggestions on what to buy the Mrs., the Mistress, or your damn self. 

Obvi, these suggestions are not meant for the faint of heart or hue. But, all these beauties are under $250 and honestly us girls can't stand to see one more heart shaped CZ pendant or lopsided teddy bear. Hope this was helpful and stay tuned for a more light hearted counterpart to follow tomorrow. Hasta mañana!