Dont forget about us [men]

Hello all you beautiful people, hope you've been enjoying my humble return to HelloKimly with the past two posts on what to buy the ladies [or yourself] for Valentines Day.

Call it Commercialization or just plain complacency with how lopsided Vday is and has been for decades, but girls get alllll the love! Men have come to terms that this holiday was meant to break their bank accounts and their brains.

#TBT moment: Last year the night before Valentine's Day I went to HEB to pick up limes for some pho and I have never seen so many wandering, aimless men in the floral department trying to focus long enough to grab $75 1-dozen roses and a random monkey holding a heart balloon.

Bottom line: Men go through so much trouble to make this day special for you because YOU care about it, and they care about you. But if want to preach equal rights, showing them equal love has never been easier.  Although I love all the items below, my personal faves are the cashmere travel set and the beard oil [cuz duh I love beards]. Until next just kidding! Stay tuned for more posts to come.