Valentine's Gift Guide | the end & beginning

It has been an utter joy to begin to write and show you all a tiny bit of me through this page. It might seem to some people like this is just another girl with a fashion blog. But in reality, this has become my therapy. For writers, the highest form of artistic peace is found when you can share your deepest thoughts alongside simple pleasures.....and people listen. 

But I digress.

These last few posts have featured ideas on gifts that a man could buy his woman to express his love for her. But this, the finale, is way sweeter than that. 

Valentine's should be about showing love to the unlovable.  It should be about making yourself  vulnerable in order to experience something real. So to that I conclude that the ultimate gift you can give someone this weekend, or really in honesty. Be honest with yourself, your loved ones, and may real love continue to bless you all. 


My gift to you is this excerpt from my good friend's well-versed thoughts on love.



Happy Valentine's Day Lovers....